The Wolf Media Group Testimonials

At The Wolf Media Group, we’re proud to have helped leading technology and publishing companies scale their businesses and see measurable results. We have successfully implemented breakthrough projects, leadership development, and cultural transformation that generate real results. Our business consulting and coaching work has been responsible for earning $2 billion in revenue on behalf of our clients. From sales organization and strategy development to talent acquisition and evaluation, we offer years of experience pinpointing areas of improvement and implementing revenue-focused strategies. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at some of the great testimonials our clients have shared about Scott Wolf and The Wolf Media Group.

Jennifer Mormile
Chief Industry Officer at Conde Nast

“Scott was instrumental in coaching my career. Under his coaching, I developed from a young sales person to an Executive Vice President running a 150-person team and 80% of the revenue of a public company. He wasn’t afraid to have the hard conversations, give direct feedback or motivate in ways that are specific to the individual.

In my career at both start-ups and large-scale media conglomerates, I have encountered many strong leaders, yet I have not come across anyone who can inspire, coach and lead people to bring out their best like Scott does. It’s an art!”

Robert Petrausch

Industry Lead, Retail at Facebook

“Scott Wolf is an exceptional sales leader who makes an immediate positive impact on any organization he engages with. I had the pleasure of having Scott as my manager at two different companies during my career and I still benefit from his teachings to this day. Scott can do it all. He has the coaching ability to help scale a hyper-growth startup to IPO while at the same time he can completely orchestrate a turnaround for a troubled sales organization. In this incredibly competitive business environment, I highly recommend Scott as a consultant to put your company on the right track.”

Benjamin Wolin
CEO and Co-Founder of Everyday Health

“Thank you for being a great coach… That’s probably the thing that you did best in terms of leading people. You sat down and coached them, you made them better. And what was most amazing about that to me was that you did it with me, too. You would pull me aside and say, ‘here’s how you can do a great company-wide meeting,’ or ‘here’s how you can handle a situation,’ or ‘here’s how you can close a deal.’”

Tom Stein

Chairman & Chief Client Officer of Stein IAS

“I have worked with Scott at length through the years. He has impressed me as one of the smartest, most effective and most successful sales leaders out there. Scott’s also a business leader with strategic acumen and a builder of high-performance teams. Scott gets high-stakes jobs done. Period. End of story!”

Daniel Folkman

VP of Business Development at goPuff

“Scott is an incredible mentor, coach and friend. He has been an instrumental piece in the development of our sales organization and has challenged me to grow as a leader and manager in a way that I couldn’t have without his expertise.”

Kristen Fairback

EVP of Sales at SheKnows Media

“My favorite quote of Scott’s is ‘winners win, that’s what we do,’ and I think that ultimately that’s going to be the great legacy that he leaves behind for us, because each and every day that’s what we strive to do, we strive to win.”

Michael Keriakos

Co-Founder/CEO of Curacity; CO-Founder of Everyday Health; Co-Founder of Qui Tequila

“Scott Wolf is the kind of leader that can make people believe they can walk through walls but as importantly; he ensures that they then have the tools, environment, incentives and support they need to do so. My bottom line on Scott Wolf is he brings the best out in people and when that happens, the almost impossible can become reality.”

Brian Cooper
CFO of Everyday Health

“I knew that within five minutes, for Scott, winning was the only option and I wanted him to be part of our team… I have personally become a better business leader and manager just by watching and learning from Scott’s people-first approach.”

Everyday Health

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